“Following in the tradition of some of the best British ghost story writers, the American Thomas Tessier (who has spent several years in Ireland) has produced an atmospheric and haunting novel of couples shattered by their failures to understand, communicate with, and love one another.
Tessier’s strengths lie in the subtleties of his characters and the ways in which he draws on setting and nuance to develop an overarching sense of loss and dread throughout the novel. We pity, hate, fear, and cheer the three pairs of haunted individuals whose lives intersect through the reluctant medium Oona. Across two continents, a series of unforgivable acts sends ripples of inevitable tragedy through their lives.
By the end of the novel, Tessier’s plot twists and spectral appearances have driven the story to a surprising and painful conclusion. But it is the only ending to which these people could come. This is a deep and intelligent novel that horrifies and resonates. Moving and highly recommended.”
— Jack Haringa

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