What happens when men on a submarine find themselves facing death, due not to the deadly ocean but a malignant paranormal entity? The USS Hancock is a fleet ballistic missile submarine carrying sixteen nuclear missiles, a crew of 13 officers and 130 enlisted men. On a deep dive that takes her below test depth, the Hancock picks up one additional, unwanted sailor. When Gerhard Küehn, a ghost who has been forever reliving the sinking of his German U-Boat, suddenly finds himself aboard the American submarine, a struggle for the life of the Hancock and every man aboard her ensues.
“Dan Foley’s INTRUDER is one of the most claustrophobic tales I’ve ever read. The pressure is unrelenting and the suspense is as sharp as a razor’s edge. Hard-hitting fiction and very high recommended!”
— James A. Moore, author of the SEVEN FORGES series and DEEPER.

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