Welcome to Necon E-Books’ brand new web site!
Thank you for taking a moment to visit our renovated corner of the internet. I’m not going to bore you with a laundry list of our site’s various new features; after all, why would you prefer to read about them here when you can see them for yourself? So by all means, browse around, have fun, and feel free to drop us a line to let us know what you think.
That said, and just in case anyone glossed over the slider on our new home page, I AM going to call attention to our new and featured titles, all of which are currently available for the extremely reasonable price of $2.99 —
• From our Classic Horror Collection, we’re thrilled be offering the novella WHEN DARK DESCENDS by Charles L. Grant & Thomas F. Monteleone. And just in case this collaboration between two such legends of Necon wasn’t quite enough, we’ve iced the cake by including a third, as Jill Bauman provided the cover art for this digital edition.
• From our Modern Horror Collection, we’re thrilled to be offering THE ONLY RED IS BLOOD by Janet Joyce Holden. This novel is the sequel to Holden’s thrilling debut, CAROUSEL (which we also just so happened to publish).
• We’ve also discounted two of our previously published titles, one apiece from our Classic and Modern Collections — THE FACE THAT MUST DIE by Ramsey Campbell and THE SECRET BACKS OF THINGS by Christopher Golden. If you’ve failed to stash these away on your e-reader before, now’s the time to treat yourself to a couple of early holiday presents at the costs of a stocking stuffer!
• Finally, the NECON E-BOOKS BEST OF 2013 FLASH FICTION ANTHOLOGY is also now available. As with all of our annual anthologies, this collection contains all of the Winning and Honorable Mention pieces that were published on our site as part of our monthly Flash Fiction Contests during the calendar year. In this case, that also includes a particularly poignant and memorable piece — “Freedom” by Tim Martin (his tribute to Bob Booth, written on the day of his passing).
Okay, I know I said “finally” to open the last paragraph, but I lied; here are a few more notes before I turn you loose to go enjoy our new site —
• If you’re one of our authors, readers or fans and you notice that one of our previously published titles has suddenly vanished from our Collections (like, say, one you happened to write), take heart! We promise it’s just a temporary situation. In fact, it’s actually good news, as those titles are the ones currently in the process of receiving a “facelift.” You have our solemn word, the e-books will be back up for sale, and literally better than ever, ASAP.
• Certain things in life are within our control, and certain things (especially when they involve large, uncooperative web sites run by large, uncooperative corporations) are not. I’m not going to name names or point fingers, but some of our vendors simply take longer to respond and process new file submissions than others. We apologize in advance if your preferred e-book vendor of choice is on the slow side.
• Finally (and I mean it this time!), a pair of thank you’s. If you’ve visited our Contact Us page, you’ve noticed that Necon E-Books has a new Art Director. On behalf of myself, Dan and Bob Booth, I’d like to thank Kellianne Jones for all of her hard work, dedication, sacrifice and commitment to this company. Also on behalf of myself, Dan and Bob, I’d like to thank our new Art Director, the incomparable Duncan Eagleson, for joining us as we launch this new chapter of our existence and welcome him to our company.
And, most importantly — thank all of YOU, our loyal readers, fans and customers, for your continued interest and support.
– Matt Bechtel
Necon E-Books