Greetings again! 
A heartfelt and belated Happy Holidays to one and all. We hope the season was peaceful, magical, and enjoyable for everyone.
We thought we’d start 2015 off with a bang, so we’re thrilled to announce the publication of THREE new titles today!
• As part of our Classic Horror Collection, we thrilled to make FOG HEART by Thomas Tessier averrable to our (hopefully waiting!) audience. This is our second Tessier title (his PHANTOM was the third book our company ever published), and we’re honored, excited, and anxious to continue bringing more of his stellar work into the digital age.
• We’ve previously published three different e-books with Michael Arruda’s name on the cover, which included a themed short story collection and two collections of movie reviews. However, he truly breaks new ground for himself as an author with his latest, TIME FRAME … and, accordingly, we got to break new ground as publishers, as it’s the first title of our Science Fiction collection! In the words of Daniel G. Keohane, TIME FRAME is “both a tender family drama and a mind-bending time travel story.” In short, it’s a well-written SciFi novel that doesn’t use its own genre as a crutch and therefore can be appreciated by a wide range of readers.
• As most of you know, Necon E-Books’ line of original stand-alone Novellas was the brainchild and pet project of our late founder, Bob Booth (who always contended that the novella was his favorite form of literature). It is with unabashed certainty that I state that Bob would have been thrilled and proud to publish INTRUDER by Dan Foley. Foley draws upon his first-hand knowledge gained working and serving on nuclear submarines to craft a terrifying tale around one simple premise — what if an American nuclear sub were to become haunted by the ghost of a German WWII U-Boat sailor, hell bent for revenge against those who sank his ship and empowered by the deadly technology that came after his own time? James A. Moore calls INTRUDER “one of the most claustrophobic tales I’ve ever read. The pressure is unrelenting and the suspense is as sharp as a razor’s edge.” We couldn’t agree more!
• Finally, we’ve discounted another pair of short story collections — one from our Classic Horror Collection (written by an unquestioned master), the other from our Modern Classic Collection (written by an author who is quickly becoming one himself). If you haven’t already, please make sure to pick up copies of A COLD WIND IN JULY by Craig Shaw Gardner and STILL LIFE: NINE STORIES by Necon 34 Writer Guest of Honor Nicholas Kaufmann … now only $2.99 each!
Thank you all again as always, and here’s to 2015!